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Few Indian Musicians who are Making a Mark Globally

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1. Luke Sital Singh

Luke Sital Singh at BrooklynLuke is a singer-songwriter currently based out of South London. His music is simple, soulful, soothing and often conveys an experience everyone can relate to. One of his biggest musical influences has been Damien Rice, who changed Luke’s musical course forever. From being a metal boy head banging to the likes of Korn and Slipknot, Luke transformed into a boy with an acoustic guitar and bundles of lyric sheets. Luke was featured on BBC’s Sound List of 2014.

2. Shammi Pithia

Shammi Pithia LiveAn extremely talented composer and producer, Shammi Pithia blends electronic sounds with folk music. With 5 years of music making to his credit, Shammi has played several shows in parts of UK and in festivals like Glastonbury Festival, The Eastern Electronics Festival, The Great Escape Festival and many more. His latest album Cosmic has been acclaimed by critics worldwide. He has also been called the musical Carl Sagan for his almost ingenious compositions.

3. Vandana Jain

Vandana Jain AlbumElectronic-synth-punk-pop and everything more defines Vandana Jain’s music. Based out of Brooklyn, Vandana left Bangalore to study design at London but soon started losing sleep over her mid-night compositions on garage band. Her exposure and love for all kinds of music and cultures influences a lot of her music. She loves experimenting and her forte as a designer also lets her visualize her music as art. Vandana’s debut album Anti Venus released in October 2013.

4. Rudresh Mahantappa

Saxophonist Rudresh MahantappaRudresh Mahantappa is one of the most celebrated Jazz Saxoponist and composers in America to have fused South Indian classical and Western music. A graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, he has collaborated with some of the big names in contemporary Jazz and has some fantastic collaborations to his credit. His upcoming album Gamak incorporates Western forms of jazz, progressive rock, heavy metal, country, American folk, while simultaneously engaging the traditions of Indian, Chinese, African, and Indonesian music.

5. Rafiq Bhatia

Rafiq Bhatia American composer and guitarist, Rafiq Bhatia is an artist who loves defying genres. When asked about the music his band produces, this 26 year old guitarist lets you define it for yourself. He enjoys his loops and scanty tones on the guitar and wants to create something new every time he works on his music. He picked up the violin and learned to play it by ear at the age of six, later discovering his love for guitar. Inspired by artists in the Jazz community, Rafiq believes in breaking out and experimenting a lot more with his music. His work with the band Son Lux is a new and refreshing sound which is nothing short of genius!

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