Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Many beginners get demotivated by the long hours they need to spend on just learning the musical notes. If you are passionate about learning the piano, then you will have to remove those negative thoughts and start with a fresh mind. It does take some time and effort to learn how to play piano songs easy. But it certainly doesn’t have to be boring and it surely wouldn’t take a very long time to start playing on your own.

1.     Get familiar with your notes

The notes may seem queer in the beginning, but this is commonly experienced by everyone. As you look at it every day, you will soon be able to ace it and remember it just like the letters in the alphabet.

2.     Get familiar with the Piano Keys

Well as you see, the piano has white and black keys. When sharp(#) and flat (b) notes are to be played, the black keys are used and they appear grouped in twos and threes. You can start with the middle C that is the white key that is placed to the left of the two black keys of the piano’s center.

3.     Playing Do-Re-Mi

Start practicing with the basics, i.e, the Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do. Make sure you have fun while playing them. you could start from the center and then go on and play around in the steps to learn how to play piano songs easy ways

4.     Notes and timing

Every note clearly states how long you will have to keep the count. You could start through simple steps of identifying the notes and practice them for the designated counts. A whole note goes for four beats – 1 and – 2 and -3 and -4. The half note goes for two beats – 1 and 2 and. The quarter note goes for one beat – 1 and. We have just looked at three notes here. There are many other notes to learn.

5.     Connect the notes

Practice the notes by connecting different notes of E. You could play them until you get a good hold of it. then move on to a new note.Revise all the steps above and practice playing the small songs. When you have gained confidence you can move to the next level and song. you can soon start playing with both hands.

These steps will guide you on how to play piano songs easy and upgrade you to the next level. All musical instruments need time to ace them. it is true with the piano too. hold on to your passion and don’t give up when it seems boring. Your efforts will be rewarded when you finish learning the basic lessons.